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  Saturday, Nov 28, 2015
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Itís a classic
March 13,2013 03:03 AM
‘Whoa! Is that a Ferrari 275 GTB? No, it can’t be… waaiiit a minute, that IS a Ferrari 275 GTB!’ These were pretty much the startled thoughts that went through my head as I...Read
Instax carma
January 10,2013 05:01 PM
Many hundreds of years ago (or, more accurately, 30), growing up in what was then the infinitely preferable ‘Calcutta’, I was subjected to a mind-boggling feat of pure black magic....Read
Collection agent
November 24,2012 03:11 AM
This is an easy one, but I’ll ask anyway....Read
October 08,2012 02:10 AM
OK, this is going to be a bit of a fanboy piece, but then objectivity is often overrated anyway....Read
Sick sense
September 05,2012 06:09 AM
Sometimes, you just have to read the signs and know when to quit while the going is good....Read
Porsche files
July 28,2012 06:07 PM
One way or the other, I seem to have become some sort of a Porsche specialist, over the last few years....Read
Porsche spice
June 30,2012 05:06 AM
The first time I went to the Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen, near Stuttgart, I had the place all to myself – literally....Read
I wonder weather...
June 07,2012 04:06 AM
These Europeans have absolutely no idea about how to do a proper summer....Read
A6 all the way
May 08,2012 01:05 AM
One of the great things about writing road-trip stories (apart from the obvious benefit of being able to travel for a living) is that when I set out on a trip, I’m able to put a car through its...Read
The transporters
April 20,2012 06:04 AM
There’s nothing like being stuck – and by stuck I mean absolutely glued – in traffic for you to ask yourself whether all this driving around is really worth the elevated blood...Read
Fool for thought
April 03,2012 05:04 AM
Everyone knows that Srini is a seasoned radio campaigner by now, having been on Mumbai's 94.3 Radio One for the best part of a month as the auto expert....Read
Open and shut case
February 23,2012 12:02 PM
I'm sitting and writing this in a hospital room,  where I'm doing overnight duty with my father,  who's just had surgery....Read
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